GeoVision GV-VMSPRO for 64CHs Platform 82-VMSPRO0-0064

GV‐VMS is a comprehensive video management system that records up to 64 channels of GeoVision and/or third‐party IP devices. The
live view and playback layout can be easily adjusted with the intuitive drag‐and‐drop function. GV‐VMS comes with a variety of intelligent
video analytics to offer precise monitoring and to reduce the need for manual supervision. The built‐in Webcam Server allows users to
remotely access live view and recordings from anywhere using Web browsers, mobile app and Remote ViewLog. Compatibility with
GV‐CMS (GeoVision Central Monitoring Station) and interoperability with a wide selection of third party IP cameras through ONVIF and
PSIA make GV‐VMS a versatile and effective surveillance solution.

  • Support Fisheye Dewarping (GeoVision and 3rd party fisheye cameras)
  • Support H.265 and Smart stream CODEC to reduce file size and bandwidth
  • Retail Video Analytic ( People Counting / Heat Map )
  • General Video Analytic (Intrusion Alarm / Crowd Detection / Scene Change Detection / Privacy Mask / Unattended and Missing Object Detection)
  • Dual stream resolution for monitoring and recording to save CPU usage
  • Quick Search Method (Timeline Search / Object Search by Area)
  • Multiple monitor display for live view and playback on different monitors
  • E-Map / IO Device Control / PTZ Auto Tracking
  • Text alert using a PC / mobile device by motion detection / input trigger
  • GeoVision Dynamic DNS server to register domain name if no fixed IP address
  • Support Microsoft SQL and Access database type
  • Central password management integration with Windows Active Directory
  • Support GeoVision, 3rd party IP camera and ONVIF, PSIA, RTSP protocol
  • Support GeoVision central monitoring station software (GV-Center V2 / GV-Vital Sign Monitor / GV-Dispatch Server / GV-Control Center)
  • Mobile Remote Viewing (GV-Eye for Android Smartphone and iPhone / iPod / iPad)

 Support for 64 channels in GV‐VMS and CMS applications
 Support for H.264, H.265 GPU decoding and GPU fisheye dewarping
 Software license management support
 Customizable layout for live view and playback with drag‐and‐drop support
 Multi‐monitor display to show live view and playback on different monitors
 Support for QView display which enables the projection of a live view display onto another monitor
 Support for Microsoft SQL and Access database type
 Support for over 500 GeoVision and 3rd party IP camera models – see IP Camera Support List
 Auto search for IP cameras
 Support for H.264, H.265, and MJPEG codec
 Support for resolution from CIF to megapixels
 Smart Dual Streaming for monitoring and recording
 Support for smart streaming of GV‐IP cameras
 Panel resolution up to 4K
 Noise Tolerance for Motion Detection
 3D E‐map
 System log
 Support for up to 1,000 accounts for logins and passwords
 Multi‐level passwords protection and password expiration management
 Automatic login with GV‐PCR310 Enrollment Reader
 I/O devices control
 PTZ control panel and PTZ auto functions
 System Idle Protection
 Live view buffer and frame rate control
 Live View Object Index to show the objects or faces captured
 Dual stream on‐demand display
 Fisheye dewarping for GeoVision and 3rd party fisheye cameras
 Support for ONVIF, PSIA, and RTSP protocols
GV-VMS May 22, 2018
Intelligent Recording, Smart Search and Easy Playback
 Continuous recording (round‐the‐clock) and recording triggered by motion detection, alarm and schedule
 Adjustable recording quality and frame rate for each camera
 Pre‐motion/IO and post‐motion/IO recording
 Storyline recording
 Timeline Search
 Object search
 Thumbnail browse to quickly search for specific frames within video footage
 Instant Playback
 Extracting frames from a video clip during playback
 Support for Daylight Saving Time (DST)
 Support for recording in standard H.264, H.265, and MJPEG codec
 Support for configuration change without stopping recording
 Continuous playback of set frames A to B
 AVI repair utility
Video Merging and Export
 Exporting video recording within a specified time range
 Exporting videos in EXE format, playable with any third‐party players
 Exporting videos of multiple channels in a single AVI video
 Support for automatically assigning storages to multiple camera channels
 Support for Windows burning software
 Time Merge function for exporting a full‐length video with recorded and non‐recorded periods
 Support for saving dewarped fisheye view in AVI format
 E‐mail notification with attached video images upon specified alert conditions
 Camera popup upon motion or I/O trigger
 Computer alarm upon recording errors, input, motion and other alarm conditions
 Video lost detection and notification through on‐screen message
Video Analytics
 Object Counting
 People Counting
 Intrusion Alarm
 Face Detection
 Privacy Mask
 Panorama View
 Defog Function
 Video Stabilization
 Wide Angle Lens Dewarping
 Motion Detection
 Crowd Detection
 Scene Change Detection
 Unattended and Missing Object Detection
 Fisheye dewarping and object tracking in fisheye view
 Heat Map
 Dynamic DNS
 Digital watermark
 Windows lockup
 Fast backup and restore (FBR)
 Bandwidth Control program
GV-VMS May 22, 2018
 Point of Sale (POS) integration
 Local backup and remote backup with GV‐Backup Center
WebCam for Remote Surveillance
 SSL Encrypt Connection Support
 UPnP™ Support
 Control Panel on Single View to provide instant information and operation
 Support for PIP, Focus View, Defogging Live Videos, and Video Stabilizer in Single View
 Restricting Power User and User to access WebCam Server at specified time length
 Event List Query
 Download Center
 Remote E‐Map with pop‐up live images upon input trigger
Advanced I/O Control
 Visual Automation to intuitively trigger an output by clicking on the camera view
 Virtual I/O control
 Record video, send e‐mail notification and trigger output upon input trigger
 Move PTZ camera to a preset location on input trigger
 Latch Trigger feature
Remote Monitoring Software
 WebCam
 GV‐Mobile Server
 GV‐Edge Recording Server (Windows /Mac) *
 GV‐Cloud Center
 GV‐Eye for Android Smartphones and iPhone / iPod / iPad
IT Technology
 RSA Network Security
 Authentication Server: centralized control of password settings in multiple GV‐VMS with support for Windows Active Directory
Integration with Centralized Management Software
 GV‐Center V2
 GV‐Vital Sign Monitor
 GV‐Dispatch Server
 GV‐Control Center
Note: To remotely view from 33 to 64 channels on the GV‐Edge Recording Server (Windows version), you will need to purchase an
additional license. Currently, GV‐Edge Recording Server (Mac version) only supports remote connection with up to 32 channels.

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